On Saturday, I decided to head over to the towns and beaches on the other side of Cabo Blanco Park, Playa Mal Pais, Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa. I had planned on possibly staying in Santa Teresa as my next destination, so I would see how the roads over to that area were for traveling with a full load.

Well, the road from cabo blanco to Malqais was insane. Since the rainy season had just ended, they had not had a chance to grade or repair the road. It was very rough and non-existant in some places. The road had been washed out, huge potholes and rivers flowing through. It was a hell of a fun ride!! I didn’t think it was going to be possible to do with the bags on, but I was having a hell of a time now! 🙂

I arrived at Playa Malpais and had a look around. It was a beautiful white sandy beach, lined with shade trees trees and a few people walking the beach or sunbathing. I went on up to Carmen and a very similar setup, but a bit busier.

Then I headed up to Santa Teresa, which was quite busy with lots of motorcycles, pedestrians walking the streets and plenty of ATVs. The road was Very Dusty, it had been all the way from Mal Pais, completely covered with potholes and took forever to weave through with all of the motorcycle and ATV traffic.

I passed through Santa Teresa and kept going north, stopping at beaches along the way. It got much quieter and the beaches were even nicer. I made it up to Playa Hermosa and Manzanillo, where it continued to get smaller and smaller, until it was just a small pathway. I hopped off and took a break under a tree at, what seemed to be, the end of the road. It had been one hell of a ride and one hell of a day. I was worn out by this point and decided to head back.

Sunday was a nice day to just veg and enjoy hanging out at the hostel. I caught up on a few things and just relaxed. The journey up the west coast had taken its toll, I was sore all over!!


On Monday, I decided to head the other direction, toward Playa Organos and a couple of unnamed beaches along the way. 

The first beach, or what I thought was a beach, I hit was Pochote. The road actually ended at the mouth of a river, where there was a little tiny village with a couple of restaurants. There were a few boats docked there, but no beach, just mangroves. I tried to find the beach, I could see it, but couldn’t find a road to it. Anyway, I headed back to the main road and kept heading east. On the map, it showed another road off to the right, which looked like it led to a beach, so I took that one.


Again, the road was pretty rough and just kept getting smaller and smaller, until finally it ended….. exactly in front of the little restaurant I’d stopped at in Pochote, but on the other side of the river! 🙂

There was an entrance gate and a few buildings that had been overgrown with vines, trees and were being consumed by the forest. I believe this used to be an entrance to the national park that was showing on the map at this location. I did a bit of exploring and headed back. It is really wild when you are going through the forest on a motorbike and the howler monkeys start to howl. They can’t help themselves, something about the loud roar of the motorcycle that triggers the howl. It is creepy, when you’re in a dense part of the forest, it’s all dark and they start to howl!!

I got back to the main road and kept heading to Organos. I made it to the port town of Paquera, continued through town towards the beach and finally made it there by around noon. It was hot and there was absolutely no shade on the beach. I stopped at one of the cafes just before the beach and had a drink.

A couple of unusual blue birds came for a visit. They had crowns on their heads and were quite friendly. I believe they were waiting for treats. There wasn’t really a path along the beach, so I decided to take my motorcycle on the beach to explore. I took it down to a river mouth and couldn’t go any further, so I broke out the drone and took some aerial shots of the beach. I also tested the “Follow Me” function of the drone, where you can fix the focus on a person and the drone will follow automatically. I set everything up and let it follow me, on my bike, down the beach. It was cool, but I still need a lot of practice! 

The beach was nice enough, but very desolate, not much in the way of amenities and no trees or shade whatsoever. Not one of the best beaches I’ve seen.

My last day in Montezuma and I finally made it back to the waterfalls. This time, I followed instructions I’d gotten from one of the others at the hostel and went up to Sun Trails Tours. This time I took my bike up that damn hill and parked in front of the adventure park. I paid around $4 entrance fee and took the hanging bridge over to the path leading down to the falls. The first stop was the 3rd falls and pools, which were gorgeous. There were a few people there diving into the pools. I went in, kicked back and let the falls flow over me. It was great.

After a while there, I dried off and went down to the Big Falls. It was a bit of a hike down, but it was a clear path, with steps, all the way down. When I reached the bottom, there was quite a large crowd of people hanging out on the rocks and swimming in the pool below the falls, which were quite impressive.

I tried to break out my drone, but for some reason, it would not fly higher than 20 or so feet. It kept telling me that I’d exceeded the altitude limit and would not ascend further. I gave up after several attempts, packed it up and headed back up the hill.

On the way back up, I saw a nice place to get some drone footage of falls, so tried to find a path down to the water. I kind of made my own path down and found a place to lift off. I was going back and forth down the river, but still running into the same issue I’d had below. Only this time, the drone was wavering and swaying from side to side. I just kept trying, but it would not ascend higher than around 5 meters and just kept saying “Maximum Altitude Reached.” It was annoying the hell out of me. I kept backing down the river and trying again to approach the falls, then ascend as the falls would gradually rise, but each time, it would just keep heading towards the rocks and water.


Then one time, I was backing down the river, it started to waver and….. CRASH! It hit a tree and fell into the river. I was shocked, but immediately ran across the river and grabbed it out of the water. Still had the remote in the other hand, but ran holding that hand in the air, so it wouldn’t get wet. I must have looked like a crazy man barreling across the river like that! 

I immediately dried the drone off, as much as I could, laid it on a large stone that was in direct sunlight and let it sit and dry for some time, in hopes that I would be able to save the drone. Once I reached the top and reception of the adventure park, I took the battery out and laid it out in the sun again, before heading back to the hostel. I was upset at this point, I didn’t know what to do. All I could hope and pray that I could revive it…. Somehow.

When I got back to the hostel, I did a bit of a search on Drone Crashes in WATER. I actually found several and most of them said that you need to put the drone in a bag of rice to extract the moisture, so I did just that. I kept looking  and found a video of a guy who had done the same thing, in Costa Rica, in a river (exactly same), but his drone had been under water for some time. He said that he put it in a big of rice for a week, took it out, and it flew, so I had hope. I put the bag of rice, with the drone, on the shelf and dozed off.

I hadn’t been asleep for more than a few minutes, when I awoke suddenly. Not sure if it was a noise or I just had a feeling, but I sat up, face to face with a capuchin monkey, on the shelf, with the bag of rice in his hand. When I sat up, he was shocked as well, threw the bag of rice on the floor and ran out the door. I got up, rice strewn about the floor and the drone sitting in the middle of it. It looked like everything was ok, so I swept the rice back into the bag, put the drone back in and locked it away in the locker, just to be safe. Very lucky he didn’t run away with the rice…. and my drone!! 🙂


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